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Trees + Muffins Cause Controversy in Chestnut Hill

Karen Boyd, owner of Bredenbeck’s Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor at 8126 Germantown Ave., has a blank wall on the side of her building—a wall, she believes, would be perfect for a mural of a Wissahickon nature scene. The city's Mural Arts Program (MAP) worked with Boyd to choose a design for muralist Ann Northrup to paint, but not everyone in the neighborhood is pleased with the plan to move forward. When MAP's Jane Golden went to the Chestnut Hill Community Association’s Land Use Planning and Zoning Committee meeting last week, she got an earful about historic preservation, the exclusionary process and mural maintenance. The Chestnut Hill Local's Wesley Ratko wrote:

Golden said that , although there was no need to get official support from the CHCA or its committees, she was very much interested in having broad support for the mural in Chestnut Hill. “If everyone in Chestnut Hill said, ‘Jane Golden, we don’t want this, get out of here,’ we’ll go. We have a huge waiting list,” Golden said. “It’s about beauty, it’s about hope, it’s about bringing inspiration to the city.”

Do we sense a note of frustration there, Jane?
LUPZ considers process for murals [Chestnut Hill Local]