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Would You Pay a Million Bucks for This House?

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Photos: TREND

This four-bedroom townhouse sold a few weeks ago for $1,025,000. It's on Gaskill Street, which is a cul de sac about a block down from Jon's Cafe (former home of Larry Fine). It's also basically across the street from a cigar shop, which—in case you're a non-smoker—sells pretty wooden cigar boxes for craft projects. The house has an attached garage, which is essential for living in this hard-to-park neighborhood.

Size: 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2,800 square feet
Perks: Five years left on 10-year tax abatement
Brokerbabble: "Imagine! Living in a circa 1800 london historical setting,belgium blocks,franklin lights,wide sidewalks,stone,brick & copper facades."