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Blanche, What Did You Put in My Drink? I'm Seeing Double

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We definitely have double vision looking at this house. There are two stoves, two ceiling fans, two kitchen lamps, two pillars, "double stairs," two recliners, a four-car garage (a multiple of 2!). That's not all that has us dizzy. The house is all Tennessee Williams-mint-julepy-on-the-river—but it's in Roxborough. Size: 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 4,000 square feet
Outdoor space: "verandaaaaah"; pool; deck; private river dock; gardens; gazebo
Steamy Southern afternoon bonuses: sauna; indoor hot tub; fireplace; built-in barbecue
Price: $795,000
· Listing: 1 River Road/7890 Nixon [Keller Williams]