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Oh No: Nutter and Jay-Z to Make Joint Announcement [UPDATE]

At 10:30 this morning, the mayor and Jay-Z will stand together on the steps of the Art Museum to reveal more about the Made in America festival that will bring the city tourist dollars and plenty of national ink. But the idea of Nutter having access to a PA system while he's next to Jay-Z is frightening. Please, Mayor, restrain yourself. Do not rap with Jay-Z. The mayor has an infamous obsession with "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang. His most recent rendition was a rather pallid performance with a visiting Israeli rapper, Shorty, who also rapped, but in Hebrew. It was sad.

UPDATE: Nutter did not rap. Instead he announced that the event will take place on the Parkway Labor Day Weekend. Jay said: "Everybody knows my love affair with Philly from the great artists I've signed from here. ... It's going to be a great day in Philly. And that's pretty much a spiel."

Jay-Z to headline and program 'Made In America' festival on Ben Franklin Parkway on Labor Day weekend