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A Tony Goldman Exposed Brickapalooza Gets $100K Chop

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There are those on the scene who well remember developer Tony Goldman from his Philly days, when his tenacity, his moxie, utterly transformed a stretch of the Gayborhood/Midtown Village/Center City East. There were those who mocked him back then, since 13th Street was dominated by prostitution and strip clubs, and it was pretty hard to imagine a thriving neighborhood dubbed B3 would take its place. (The name B3—for Blocks Below Broad—didn't take its place anywhere because it was unbearably dumb.) Basically speaking, Goldman did a bang-up job with 13th Street, despite the New York Times calling it one of Goldman's "losing propositions" in 2000.

From the Times:

Mr. Goldman has every intention of lifting the curse off Philadelphia, a shrinking city of 1.5 million people, semifamous for greasy food, high taxes, a surfeit of bricks, a dearth of style and a lack of news. In five years, he says, Philadelphia could be the Paris of the Northeast... And damn if we aren't the Paris of the Northeast right now!

One of Goldman's Philadelphia projects is the luxurious White Building, filled with loft-like units with gorgeous exposed brick ceilings. And these apartments are a name-dropper's delight. When there's a party in this unit, for example, all the right people come: Wolf, Miele, Rifra, Calcatta and Brizo—those crazy kids. The reason for that is probably its owner, Giuliano Bugialli, a celebrity cookbook author whose tomes on Italian cooking are now classic must-haves.

As for Goldman, since his days Philly into Paris, he's been very busy with a variety of projects, including a graffiti wonderland—blocks of warehouses with nothing but street art in them—called the Wynwood Walls in Miami. We'd like him to please bring that same idea to Philly for his next trick. Thanks, Tony.

Size: 3 beds, 4 baths, 3,116 square feet
Price: $1,399,000
Chop: -$101,000
Extras: Fitness center, tax abatement for six years
· Listing: 105 S. 12th St. #205 [Prudential Fox & Roach]