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Mind-Blowing $8 Million Versailles—in Bryn Mawr

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This home is modeled after La Lanterne (inset), which is the chateau at Versailles where the French president retreats—sort of like Camp David, only ... not. It seemed kind of rock and roll for the past few years, what with Sarkozy and Carla Bruni kicking back there. We'll have to see how it comes across when the new guy, President Hollande, and his longtime companion (not his wife—quel scandale!) go there to relax. Having a house built in the style of La Lanterne has become something of a cliche for the extremely wealthy. (You can see a page of imitators—from Illinois to Rhode Island—here.) Some details to note in this version of La Lanterne: the room with the delicate sky-blue groin vault; the dog-themed bedspreads and less-than-Versailles-like wall decorations in the kids' room; the pretty little pond that looks like the biopond at Penn; the surprisingly banal kitchen; the sort of Last Year at Marienbad garden.

Size: 7 beds, 8 full baths, 4 half baths
Square feet: 14,753
Outdoor space: 5.82 acres
I'm-so-rich-I-have-nothing-to-do-bonus: tennis courts; swimming pool; club room with card tables and pool table; green bar
Price: $7,999,999
· Listing: 1131 Green Valley Rd., Bryn Mawr [Prudential Fox & Roach]