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What Has Bill Green Been Putting in His Coffee?

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Councilman Bill Green is on a tear about Mayor Nutter's AVI plan, aka, the property reassessment program that's making homeowners very, very nervous. Green has been fighting it from the start, but this isn't any lackadaisical Council objection. The man has now gone and built an Excel spreadsheet that shows how AVI will screw over residential property owners more than commercial property owners. He used Excel—that's how agitated he is. If we're lucky, before this is all over, Green and Nutter will end up trading blows on the Council floor like John Street and Franny Rafferty did in 1981. Exciting!

Meanwhile, in a commentary on the Philly Post, Brett Mandel says we don't know how much property taxes will increase because "we are literally flying blind here." Sounds like a guy who needs an Excel spreadsheet.

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