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Yes, Absolutely, Get in on This Marcellus Shale Jawn

Four heavy-hitting businesses in Philly have formed an organization to capitalize on regional Marcellus Shale opportunities. The Delaware Valley Marcellus Association places itself squarely in the middle of an angry debate between those who believe drilling for gas in the Shale is lucrative, safe and environmentally friendly and those who believe it's lucrative, dangerous and completely irresponsible.

But if you'd rather not haggle over sustainability, why not just buy some Shale yourself and wait for an offer for the land?

See this well? That's just 2.5 miles away from your new home—for now. As the listing says, "Yes, the wells are coming."

Size: 130 acres, 72 tillable
Buildings: Barn; house with three apartments
Price: $889,900
· Listing: Maple Ridge Road, Millville, Pa []