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If You Call Him "Daddy" and You're Good, You Might Get a House

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You've got your Jeff "City" Block and your Mike McCann "The Real Estate Man" and then you've got the guys, real estate investors, who sell shells for cash and advertise them with bandit signs that are torn down by angry community members. The owner of Daddy$Fa$tCa$h, Jason Centeno, started out calling himself El Luchador and wearing a Mexican wrestling mask, even to real estate seminars where presenters wore suit and tie. But somewhere along the way, he decided to go with "Daddy" instead—maybe he wrote to Dan Savage who told him to be his true self.

In his latest video—of a house at 13th and Clarion—he comes across as a pretty honest guy, calling the house "the beast, grandma house." He says, "For a flip, this is a gut job. There is very little salvageable about this house other than the structure." He also compares walking through the houses he sells to a horror movie. Can't say he's trying to deceive the buyer, that's for sure.