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Cheesesteak Wit Wiz and a Side of Mural

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Here's yet another building with a mural on it that's set to change hands. This one is the home of Jus Steaks, which hoped one day to make enough to buy a T. Since it hasn't happened—even with the little massage business upstairs (so not just steaks, after all)—the restaurant is for sale.

This one is called Camilla's Dream, and it's quite beautiful. San Francisco mosaic artist Joseph Norris created it after folks at the Mural Arts Program read about his work.

"At the time he had relatives in this area and so we were able to bring him here for not a lot of money and work with kids in our Big Picture program," says Jane Golden, head of Mural Arts. "[The kids] created a story about an imaginary character Camilla who lived in the ocean and did good deeds on behalf of kids everywhere."

We fully expect to hear from the mural haters, but we hope Camilla gets to stick around and do more good deeds.

Size: Three stories: ground-floor restaurant; 3 beds, 2.5 baths upstairs. 1,860 square feet
Differently abled bonus: wheelchair-accessible
Trendy touch: neon sign
Price: $239,900
· Listing: 445 W. Norris Street [Century 21 Advantage Gold-South Philadelphia]