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Asking Price: $1.2 Million. Location: Camden. Chances: Slim.

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We're the first to say Camden has potential, and it's unfortunate that so many people want to write it off. That being said, Camden's not there yet. Really. Not. There. This house is large (3,500 square feet), but for the same price you can have a larger home in Bella Vista that just might have some money in the walls. Meanwhile, the location of this house is fantastic for Camden. It's just ... it's Camden. Size: 4 baths, 2.5 baths, 3,486 square feet
Outdoor space: 80 X 100 fenced lot; outdoor kitchen with grill and smoker
Parking: 8-car driveway
Septuplet parent bonus: Backup washer and dryer
Dog parent bonus: fenced kennel area
· Listing: 408 Stevens St., Camden, NJ [Zillow]