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"Ahmahgad You Should Totally Live in This Area"

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A UK resident moving to Philly asks redditors about our neighborhood boundaries because none of the neighborhoods people recommend—by saying, "ahmahgad you should totally live in this area"—is found in Google Maps. He writes:

It doesn't seem that the neighbourhoods in Philadelphia are rigidly refined, so google maps doesn't know where they are. Sadly, if Google maps doesn't know where they are, then neither do I. So when someone says "live in NoLibs," all I can do is thank them and ask them what the hell they're talking about. The resulting thread over how to define the city's central neighborhoods is great food for thought. But perhaps the most revealing comment of all? "Christ, all we need is another British bloke scooping up all our ladies."
· "Sounds great. Where's that?" [r/philadelphia]