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Fishtown Wire: Voter Fraud and Pizza Edition

FRANKFORD AVEAn upcoming Fishtown zoning meeting will consider a proposal for a cafe that would serve alcohol, offer takeout, and have outdoor seating. People always get hyped up about cafe tables blocking the sidewalk, so the meeting could get heated. To vote on the matter, you'll have to bring either a driver's license or photo ID and a lease, utility bill or piece of mail you've received at your Fishtown address. June 5, 7pm, Fishtown Rec Center, 1202 Montgomery Ave. [Fishtown Neighbors Association]

FRANKFORD AVEConstruction continues on what will be the world's first pizza museum. It'll also be a restaurant and Fishtown hangout. "DiBerardinis said it might take a while for some long-time residents to warm up to the new establishment. He mentioned the neighborhood's influx of bars and restaurants and said he thinks Pizza Brain will be good for the community, as a place where old and new residents can mingle." Translation: Please don't hate us, old-timers. We know you love pizza too. [Newsworks]
SPEAKING OF PIZZAA benefit to save the Summerfield-Siloam United Methodist Church's chimney, which is apparently on the verge of implosion, will bring you back to the days of the "Pizza Malaria Fights." (Yes, that event sounds troubling to us too. Pizza + malaria = not appetizing.) For this event—thankfully named the Summerfield Pizza Sale—you can preorder limited-edition pizza for a good cause. We don't think they're signed. June 1, 5-8 p.m. 2223 East Dauphin St. at Tulip, on Konrad Square [Fishtown.US]