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M. Night's House in Architectural Digest

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The June issue of Architectural Digest features photographs of and an article about M. Night Shyamalan's 125-acre "country estate," Ravenwood, which he bought eight years ago but has been renovating since. He's obviously comfortable enough with its progress to go public now.

In the preview on AD's website, author David Colman suggests a bit of Shyamalan's filmic themes—the unexpected, the fated, the wondrous—came into the home-buying process with Ravenwood:

When Shyamalan happened upon Ravenwood, a deal was under way with another buyer; nonetheless he fell instantly in love with the six-bedroom home and declared to his broker, “I am going to buy this.” Miraculously, the sale fell through, and buy it he did. The purchase price was $17.9 million, which proved Night was moving up in the world since his Gladwyne mansion sold for "only" $8 million.

Renovations were handled by Atelier&Co's Richard Cameron, who blended 17th- and 18th-century elements for the historic, romantic feel that Shyamalan desired. Cameron co-founded the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, and is known for hand renderings. He and interior deisgner David Kleinberg took this house to a much higher level than Shyamalan's Gladwyne digs.

Weirdly, there's a new book out by Philly-area author and Temple grad Paul Elwork whose eerie story takes place at an estate called Ravenwood. But that Ravenwood is modeled after the Glen Foerd estate in Fairmount Park, not M. Night's house. We think.

For more photos and the full story of Ravenwood, you'll have to actually purchase a print edition of the magazine. In case you've forgotten how to do that, they sell magazines at drugstores, big-box stores and at places called bookstores.

Tip o' the hat to Adam Greene for the link.

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