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Nation, Buying This Home Is Your Patriotic Duty

Photos via Trulia

Perhaps the decor has something to do with the national anthem that's soaring in our hearts over this historical abode. Or perhaps it's because the house is on American Street, and what, after all, is more American than a street named "American"? The tiny cobblestone pocket passageway off of Second and Spruce feels very Elfreth's Alley, minus the tourists and the lemon sticks. The listing details claim the home is 999 years old, but that can't be right—who was living there, Leif Ericksson? Let's call it 99 years old instead. Size: 3 beds, 2.5 baths, 943 square feet
Parking: Gated parking
Olde tyme cooking bonus: Five fireplaces
Price: $699,900
· Listing: 310 S. American Street [Prudential Fox & Roach/Center City-Society Hill]