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Coming Soon: Newsweek's "America's Best Slipcovers 2012"

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There's a lot of furor these days over the Philadelphia public school system, which ceaselessly serves as a model of suckitude across the nation. In Newsweek's America’s Best High Schools 2012 issue, only one Philadelphia school made the cut: Central High at Ogontz and Olney. And while Central's building is rather grand, the surrounding area's real estate isn't so compelling. Many people with kids at Central are willing to let their progeny get on a bus rather than live nearby.

But what about this house? There was serious creativity involved in fashioning this home's design scheme, which is hideous and beautiful all at once. Don't let the couches covered in plastic throw you—there's a lot of wonder in this place. But when Newsweek publishes America's Best Slipcovers 2012, we dearly hope this three-bedroom home—listed for $125,000—is included.
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