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Epic Condo Has Quaker Potential

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This double-wide Strickland Row condo is described as "epic," "dramatic," "grand" and "astounding," and that may be true if you consider it's in an apartment building and not a single-family home. The height of the 19-foot ceilings is owing to wooden balconies that, to some Philadelphia eyes, recall a Quaker meeting house. (The southern exposure is perfect for ethereal light pouring in and the balconies facilitate restless children dropping crumpled paper onto heads below.)
The condo has been on the market for a disagreeably long time, which—since the OPA site is down—we'll chalk up to costly condo fees and high utilities, and, of course, a down economy. As for those fees, the seller is willing to cover half of them for five years.

Size: 5 beds, 3 baths, 4,635 square feet
Extras: 2 fireplaces, shared heated swimming pool, shared courtyard
Bonus for people who have five-year attention span: Five years paid parking in nearby garage
Recent price chop: $100,000
Current price: $900,000
· Listing: 1016 Spruce Street #3 [Prudential Fox Roach/Jeff City Block]