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Uber Is Coming to Philadelphia

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Uber is a car service that's more hassle-free than a taxi. Here's how it works: You tap the iPhone or Android app on your phone to request a car. You get a text message telling you when the car will be there. You hop in a fancy black car and ride in style. When you arrive at your destination, the app automatically charges your credit card—tip included.

The company currently operates in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, D.C., Boston, L.A., Toronto, Vancouver, Paris and London. It's in a testing phase in Philly right now, which, according to its blog, means "secret Uber jawns" are roaming our streets. Vocabulary-wise, they're starting out right.

Of course, the big question is how much will it cost. On the website's FAQs, you can see sample rates for other cities. Chicago's sample rate for a trip between River North and Wicker Park, which is about three miles, is $22 to $25. That's roughly the distance between Old City and University City. Considering that tip is included, that's not bad.

Thanks to Curbed DC's Amy Rose Dobson for the tip—the other kind, that is.

Secret Uber Jawns Roaming Philly []