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We Are Loving Mike Fagan and His Schuylkill Bridge

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Wednesday we told you about the bridge truss or the truss bridge or whatever you call it arriving from Minnesota to connect the Schuylkill River Park to the Schuylkill River Trail. The bike community has been advocating for this for more than a decade, so the fact that it's actually happening is something of a triumph. The project was funded by the stimulus (remember that?) and will be one mile of safe passage for pedestrians, runners and bicyclists—except for the possibility of them running into each other.

Mike Fagan, who's the Streets Dept. Construction Manager, gives his furrowed-brow take on the delivery and installation of the truss bridge/bridge truss in the below video, and we find his affect rather endearing for reasons we can't quite pinpoint. (Do you think anyone ever busts on him for almost having the name of a Dickens villain? Probably not, but that would be kind of cool.) There's another video of the bridge being swung into place at the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities blog. Yes, they have a blog. That's endearing too.

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