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If Your Name is Listed Below, Start Thinking

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My fellow Philadelphians, we should enter this contest. This city has plenty of blight (yay!) and so many creative minds. We officially call on the following oddly composed all-star team to brainstorm for this contest: Conrad Benner, Streets Department; Inga Saffron, Philadelphia Inquirer; Nissa Eisenberg, Philadelphia Rooftop Farm; Nathaniel Popkin and Peter Woodall, Hidden City; Jane Golden, Mural Arts Program; Diana Lind, Next American City; Jeffrey Barg, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society; Robin Kohles, Community Design Collaborative; Ariel Ben-Amos, Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities; Christopher Sawyer, Philadelinquency; Mary Tracy, Public Voice for Public Space; Matt Golas, PlanPhilly; Leah Murphy, ViaductGreene; Emaleigh Doley, W Rockland St.; Caryn Kunkle, Philadelphia Salon; Bart Blatstein, His Bartness; and about 20 other people I'm entirely forgetting.

What do you think, guys? Who else should be on the team?