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Vessel Sink Fatigue

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You may remember that not long ago we spoke of our backsplash fatigue. It's not that we don't see the merit of a tile backsplash. It's just that the people who write Brokerbabble seem to feel it's as much a selling point as a two-car garage with an elevator in the middle of the city. Not long after we confessed our backsplash fatigue, a Curbed Philly commenter conceded frustration with all the vessel sinks that listings tout, and we have to say, we completely agree. All the photos above are from current listings that have vessel sink Brokerbabble. As with tile backsplashes, a vessel sink is pretty easy to install, which we imagine is why it's so very popular in renovated properties. But is it even attractive anymore? At this point, when we see a regular old sink, humble in its origins, plain in its contours, we feel a little leap in our hearts, like running into an old flame unexpectedly on a street corner. Bless you, old sinks.

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