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Breaking: Alleged Green Line Robber Caught! (UPDATE)

We don't have any details, but sources say the skinny white dude in a hoodie who allegedly robbed the Green Line Cafes in West Philly three times in 10 days has been apprehended. (He also allegedly robbed a Chipotle on Penn's 40th Street corridor.) One of the owners of the Green Line, Douglas Witmer, was extremely gracious in his remarks on West Philly local when he talked about the robbery and his 17 years in business, reminding agitated residents that he still loved the neighborhood and believed in its inherent goodness. But you could tell he was getting a little exhausted. Let's hope this is the end of his troubles. UPDATE: West Philly Local reports that the man who was apprehended, Torin Myer, has confessed to all four crimes.