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Brick Bunker With Egregious Staircase

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The first problem here is the exterior: It's just too much like something you'd live in to prepare for an apocalypse. No character whatsoever. But sometimes, as with the Latimer House (though this is arguable, given the heated comments about that house), a bunker-like exterior can hide a remarkable interior. Not so in this case. You open the door and are assaulted by an odd, intrusive staircase that's totally out of proportion to the room. And then the kitchen, and the bathroom ... is there any potential here? Or is there too much to fix? Here's the bigger question, though: When the listing says "large deck," does that refer to the cracked, discolored tar roof? Size: 3 beds, 1.5 baths, 1,536 square feet
Hoarder bonus: Sidewalk access to basement
Price: $234,990
Recent chop: $15,009
· Listing: 2326 S. 11th St. [Trulia]
· Latimer House [CPHI]
· Robert A.M. Stern does wood paneling [CPHI/Curbed National]