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Updates: Kensington Warehouse Fire and Goldtex Construction

The Firefighters Local 22 is alleging that the city was negligent during the Thomas Buck Hosiery Co. warehouse fire, which resulted in the death of two firefighters and injuries of two others. The union says they have a photo to prove there was no collapse zone, which would have protected the firefighters. But the city alleges the Local is simply playing politics. Mayor Nutter's office released a statement accusing them of using the "fallen heroes" to vent their anger over not having a contract.

Meanwhile, over at the Goldtex construction site—where the building trade union has been protesting non-union labor—we hear tensions are still high. The lead site manager on the project, Al McVicker, has had bodyguards for months now, as well as officers parked in front of his house all night. He claims his tires have been slashed, people threaten him with bodily harm (at one point with an umbrella), and that there were people with baseball bats looking for him at the site recently.

On the other side, the union members claim it's the Post Bros. employees who are aggressive in the wake of the pee-in-bottles/dirty-flyers activity.

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