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Creepy Good: Mütter Museum. Creepy Bad: Bedbugs

We're inaugurating a new category around here called Philly vs. Philly. No sooner do we get a rave or a high ranking for some cultural marvel than we turn around to find ourselves at the bottom of a list of Most Putrid Smell Cities or some such glory. Today it's happened again. In USA Today, Don Wildman, host of the Travel Channel show Mysteries at the Museum, says Philadelphia's Mütter Museum is one of the 10 best places to see museum mysteries. In particular? Einstein's brain, a fairly recent acquisition.

But turn around and you find this press release in your in box: "Philadelphia Takes Top Spot in Annual Bedbug-Infested Cities List." We guarantee you that for people in the tourist industry, they'd rather be covered in bedbugs themselves than have that headline sitting on PR Newswire.

Philly vs. Philly. Today, it's a draw.