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UPDATE: Wawa's Website Was NOT Altered

UPDATE: We just received an email from Wawa's Lori Bruce asking that we make the following clarifications: 1 . "Wawa’s website was not altered," she writes. "This was just a DNS redirection to a counterfeit site." 2. "This has nothing to do with anything internal at Wawa. A counterfeit website was posted by outsiders."

Bruce also provides more information on what's happened since:

We’ve addressed the issue of some users being redirected to an imposter homepage intermittently over the weekend, and confirmed that there was no impact to any store or gas operations.

Our investigation shows there was no impact to any of our internal operations. We have no evidence of a breach beyond the website redirection. Some customers may have experienced the inconvenience of being redirected to an imposter homepage for a brief period of time over the weekend.

Wawa seems to be in deep denial over there in Corporate Land. On Friday the site's homepage was replaced with an image of Adolf Hitler rather than a photo of a classic hoagie and bottled iced tea. A group called UGNazi claimed responsibility for altering the site. But in a statement, "Wawa’s Public Relations Director Lori Bruce says they have no evidence to indicate the website has been breached." Huh. Must've been an inside job then. [CBS 3]