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This Graduate Hospital House Sold in Less Than Two Days

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Before it sold, this house's listing touted its "handscraped hickory hardwood floors," which either makes you hungry for beef jerky or gets you wondering: Who were these dedicated hand scrapers? Were they unionized? Well, never mind. The floors are indeed gorgeous. But those aren't the only selling points. The bathrooms are great, there's a lot of outdoor space, and Pemberton is a lovely little block with property values that are only going to increase. As to the new construction, either you like that kind of thing or you don't. It's certainly different than many of the houses around it, but the question is: for how long?

Size: 3 beds, 2 baths, 1,850 square feet
Outdoor space: Backyard, Juliet balcony, rear deck
Price: $499,900
· Listing: 2031 Pemberton St. [Coldwell Banker/We Know Philly]