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The Most Urgent SeeClickFix We've Ever Read

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We often publish entries from SeeClickFix, an online tool that allows people to report neighborhood problems like illegal trash dumping or graffiti. But the below complaint is rather more urgent:

34th and Walnut is a block from HUP. EMT trucks pass by here every 10 mins. There is a large pothole here that has been here for months. People dying in EMT trucks hit this hole and rattle the transmission chains all the time. Humans can die from this pothole if you are dropping a IV into a gunshot victim and miss. Plus about a millon people pass by this intersection everyday. It's a little disturbing that the first injury that comes to mind for the SCF user is a gunshot wound, but we know HUP deals with that incessantly. Though SCF said an email was sent to 311, we called anyway.

The operator we spoke with didn't know about any email. We gave him the details in the SCF post, and got a reference number (2317283, if you must know). He was very interested in the shape of the pothole. "Is it round?" We guessed so.

He said they'd be out there in no more than 10 days max to "completely rectify the situation." He also said within two business days there'd be a cone on the pothole. If anyone walks by the corner of 34th and Walnut frequently, let us know if you see any change.

· Pothole affecting HUP EMT traffic [SeeClickFix]