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Buy a Church-Turned-Home in Narberth

This onetime place of worship built in 1895 is actually a single-family home now—the kind of thing you think would be great fun to do when you see a church for sale but never actually pursue because, well, then you'd be living in a church. This particular residence was converted from church to home in 1950. Karl Ulrich and his wife Nancy bought it in 1996, and soon found that the idea of living in an old church was more appealing than the reality. They were going to sell it, but instead decided to do a major renovation to turn it into the truly functional, homelike residence you see in the photos. You'll noticed that there are church features that remain; many of the old wooden doors, for instance, came from the original building.

Ulrich is selling the house himself. To get more information, go to the home's website or contact him via email.

Size: 4 beds, large studio, guest room/study, 3,500-plus square feet
Parking: Two-car garage
Outdoors: 1/4 acre yard
Price: $829,000
· Listing: 316 N. Essex Avenue, Narberth