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Northern Liberties: Ground Zero of Gentrification?

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Education analyst Mike Petrilli has been doing ongoing research on gentrification, and has identified the top places in the U.S. where gentrification is taking place. One of the hot-button spots on his list? Zip code 19123, otherwise known as Northern Liberties.

Before you run around telling your friends about making this national list, however, Petrilli's methodology has to be taken into account. He's basing his assumption of gentrifcation—a complex process with many determining factors—solely on that increase in white residents. He admits the data is limited. At the very least, he says, he'd like to have income stats as well. He should also come to a Point Breeze community meeting if he's interested in issues of gentrification. He'll get an earful.
· The fastest-gentrifying neighborhoods in the United States [Flypaper]