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The Fact That This Exists Will Carry Us Through Any Crisis for Weeks

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Life in Chestnut Hill is just different than life in other parts of the city. Putting aside the more obvious distinctions that make it seem like its own little town, it's hard to imagine any other neighborhood crafting a three-minute-and-32-second-long video to explain to residents the right way to use a parking kiosk. It's even harder to imagine that the same neighborhood organization would hire a guy to write an original folk song for the video with lyrics like, "If you want to park in Chestnut Hill/ you might have to drop a few coins in the till." One of the best non-musical moments in the spot is when John Ingersoll, head of the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation, says, "How does this work?" of the kiosk. Because like many other people in Philly, he still has no idea how the hell to use them.

· Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation takes to YouTube for kiosk instructional [Chestnut Hill Local]