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Angry Birds and Eagles Team Up to Create Angry Eagle

The new partnership between the Angry Birds game and the Philadelphia Eagles came after a lot of pestering from the Eagles franchise. The Wall Street Journal's Digits blog has a play-by-play of how it all came together:

Ari Roitman, the Eagles’ senior vice president of business, said the idea came when, like most businesses, his office became obsessed with the game. With the obvious bird theme in common, Roitman made about a year’s worth of calls before the team sold the Finnish company on the idea. “This is, for them, a test the waters type of a partnership and we desperately wanted to go first,” Roitman said. “We did not want anyone else in this country to have a partnership with these guys before we did. It’s a pretty competitive avian sports nickname landscape out there."

The partnership was launched with the below marketing video, in which Eagles coach Andy Reid looks rather healthy and robust:

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