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Let the Hand-Wringing End: AVI Tabled for a Year

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Despite Mayor Nutter's frantic work to get backing for the Actual Value Initiative, his property value reassessment plan, City Council has decided to put the whole thing off for another year. From the Daily News:

"We are moving toward a process, but we are simply not prepared to do that now because we don't have any numbers that reflect the outcome of whatever action we take and we just don't feel that it was prudent, appropriate," said Council President Darrell Clarke. "And we don't think it's fair to the taxpayers of the city ... to enact legislation without any numbers." He stressed that the deal wasn't finalized and could be revised before the end of June. ....

"I don't want to guess at one of the most important votes of my career or one of the most important votes in the city's history," said Councilman Jim Kenney. "I don't want to guess at the number so we're going to put it off for a year."

So far, Nutter has no comment.

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