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Wawapalooza: Hoagiefest, Ask Me Anything, Mitt Romney

CAMPAIGN LAND"But more than anything, Romney seemed blown away by the Wawa computers, which he raved about. 'You press a little touchtone key pad? You touch this, touch this, touch this, go pay the cashier, and there's your sandwich,' Romney said. 'It's amazing!'" [Yahoo! News]
THE INTERNETGenerous man offers this to fellow redditors: "Shift Manager at Wawa. Ask me anything. Anything I can't answer I will update when I find it out. (Checking the box / package etc. ) I will not say my store # or address. If you reaaallllly want a free coffee PM me." Comments in response so far: 332. [r/philadelphia]
THE INTERNETWawa has taken to the World Wide Web (that new exciting tool) to promote Hoagiefest, which is a marketing campaign during which you get a discount on classic hoagies. They're looking for more "likes" on The Facebook and will reveal more via their Twitter food, so if you're really curious about exactly what Hoagiefest will comprise, now you know where to go. [Philly Post]