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Forum Headline of the Day: Union Edition

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A thread on Philadelphia Speaks is headlined with these words: "Union protest at 12th and Pearl is now out of control." Because before—when it was just giant balloon rats, threats of injury, stalking and home surveillance, vulgar posters with sexual innuendo, bottles of pee, spilled oil, a stop-work injunction, a dedicated website called, videotaped "evidence" and private for-hire bodyguards—everything was well in hand. Pitt writes: "I've slowly watched more and more union guys protesting each morning to the point where there's 50- 75 now, and they're surrounding vehicles of the site workers calling them "fat f*cks," "f*cking faggots." ... One guy, a fat fellow in a red Phillies cap and sunglasses, personally said "I'll see you later today you fat f*ck. You're dead you fat f*ck." [Philadelphia Speaks]


315 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA