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Lucretia Mott Calls From the Beyond: "Oh! Those Carpets!"

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This Melrose Park estate is on land that used to be owned by Lucretia Mott, who, though born in Nantucket, made Philadelphia her home. She became a Quaker preacher and founded the Anti-Slavery Society in 1833. Because she was barred from speaking publicly about abolition due to her gender, she also got involved with the women's rights movement with Elizabeth Cady Stanton. In fact, she did so much activism and good in her life, that when she died at 90 in Philadelphia, thousands attended her funeral. Because she was a serious person involved in serious works, we can't be sure she'd be concerned with interior decor. But though an activist, she was still a discerning human being, and we suspect that were she alive today, she'd look at this home and think, "I worked so hard, and this unsightly wall-to-wall carpeting is my earthly reward?"

There is a historical marker commemorating Mott at the entrance, which is accessed by private roadway. This home is one of 27 established between 1900 and 1951 in this gated community, so the mix of styles is a bit wacky. This house is English Manor.

Size: 6 beds, 5,200 square feet
Outdoor space: 1.12 acres: front yard, side yard, rear yard
Parking: 2-car carriage house; ample street parking
Extras: 2 wood-burning fireplaces, square tub
Caveats: "This home was impressive when it was built, and it's still a fortress of construction. Worn by time, it does need a visionary to regain the grandeur of its heyday, yet the bones are in great shape. ... The house does not have central air conditioning. The kitchen, while updated 20+ years ago, would likely be re-configured & expanded. Some of the original plaster walls need repair as well as painting & wallpaper removal. ... So I'm not trying to kid anyone, it does require further investment. At this price and on this exquisite street, the investment will be well worth it in the long run. The property is an estate, so while the estate recommends a Buyer obtain a complete inspection of the house, they make no warranties and the house is being sold in as-is condition."
· Listing: 12 Latham Park, Melrose Park [Prudential Fox & Roach/Scott Laughlin]