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DIY Heatwave Relief: Buy a Pool—From Craigslist

By Shannon Rooney

Do you need a 13-foot pool right now? It's a hundred degrees outside. Everyone needs a 13-foot pool right now. Seller swears all you need to do is make the trip to Fort Washington and you'll be swimming in no time. Filter, chemicals, cover and cleaning equipment thrown in gratis.

If 13 feet doesn't do it for you, a Broomall seller is looking to unload a 15-by-10 inflatable pool. The same pool is also available on Backyard Ocean (who doesn't want to turn their backyard into an ocean?), so you know this is serious.

Maybe you really mean business with this pool thing. Like, looking-to-finance-a-pool kind of serious. In that case, this seller is willing to let you take this pool (above) away for $800 in cash and another $899 in financing. It's a steal, considering an alleged retail at $3,499.

Staying in more your thing? Wish you could be AC-bound? $250 will get you an authentic Harrah's slot-machine experience in the comfort of your own home. Bonus: the house always wins.
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