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Brewerytown's North 28 Goes Rental

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Photos by Laura Kicey

The 15 condos developed by MM Parnters on 28th Street between Thompson and Girard had their debutante ball—a twilight open house—on May 25th. Contractors were still working, but visitors, including Curbed's Shannon Rooney, got a glimpse of N28's future that evening—a future that included homeownership. At the time, Rooney wrote: "Developers are targeting the same intrepid buyers who are swarming Newbold, Pennsport and Fishtown." MM Partners had no vacancy in its Brewerytown rental portfolio, so they've decided to open units up where need was greatest, which meant taking them off the condo market. (And, it must be said, they may have found home buyers aren't as ready for Brewerytown as they'd anticipated—though there were already several agreements of sales.)

It's great news for renters. We're talking about units with bamboo flooring, stainless steel appliances and ceramic subway tile that were on the market for between $160,000 for a one-bedroom and $240,000 for a two-bedroom, some with backyards and walk-in closets. Now the same units can be rented for between $950 and $1,500 a month with parking included.

North 28

1238 N. 28th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121