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Union Protesters Out of Control With Their Sitting and Texting

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In the past few weeks, you've heard any number of shocking, outlandish stories about the Goldtex work site and the contretemps between building trade union protesters and the non-union labor hired to do the work. In our attempt to cover the dust-up, we sent a reporter and a videographer at separate times to get some intel. Neither was comfortable covering the scene due to safety issues. But after the most recent report that things had devolved still further, we persuaded a hapless freelance photographer to take the risk. This anonymous shutterbug—so disguised, s/he doesn't even have a gender—returned with images and sent this email:

It was pretty anticlimactic. There was no rat present today and everyone was pretty chill. At first I thought they might be actual workers, they were so blasé. I'm not sure if that is good or bad timing. It is, our nameless, sexless shutterbug, simply the reality of June 25th, 2012.
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