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Where in Philly Are Beth Shak's 2,400 Famous Shoes?

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Within the last 24 hours, the international media has taken note of Beth Shak, the Philadelphia divorcee whose former husband is suing her for her shoe collection worth somewhere around $1 million. Of her 1,200 pairs of shoes, 700 are Louboutin, and Shak—a tournament poker player—even has a tattoo of a Louboutin heel on a private part of her body. Perhaps those not obsessed with real estate would want to know which part of her body that is, but we're more interested in the location of her "luxurious house near Philadelphia," as the Daily Mail put it.

Since she shared the home (above) with her NYC-based hedge-fund ex when he had money, we're guessing it's somewhere on the Main Line since wealthy New Yorkers always buy on the Main Line if they come to Philly. (It's one of the few places they've heard of. Blame The Philadelphia Story.)

This house, though, is certainly no grand Gladwyne estate. It also looks like new construction, though that doesn't necessarily tell us much. The only other thing we know is that she has four storage areas around the property where she keeps the shoes. So what do you think, friends? Where does Shak's priciest pair—cowboy boots once owned by Elizabeth Taylor—reside? Where is this house located?

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