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Sad About Lorenzo's? Go to the Night Market Tonight

We don't know yet how much damage Lorenzo's Pizza sustained in a fire yesterday, but as Eater Philly noted, as much as we liked to complain about the pizza there, it was a terrible blow to hear it was on fire. There is, however, another Lorenzo's in the world, and it's in the Italian Market—which also happens to be at the site of tonight's Night Market. The Night Markets are in different neighborhoods each time, but this one is bound to be pretty delicious because of the diversity of the food on offer: Mexican, Vietnamese, Cuban, Caribbean, Venezuelan, Polish, French, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Midwestern, Southern and, of course, Philadelphian. More than 60 food vendors. It's kind of a shame because Ninth Street was just power washed in preparation for this event, which is like mopping the floor before you bring in a long-haired dog that's been swimming in the Schuylkill. [Night Market Washington Ave.]