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Main Line Estate Featured on "Teen Cribs" Back on Market

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Season Two, Episode 9, MTV's Teen Cribs—do you remember where you were sitting when you saw it? Teenage Samantha Pouls, who seems very sweet, takes viewers into her Gladwyne home—with its "princess" theme, as she puts it—that is, without question, extravagant. As is her lifestyle. She walks us into her dressing room, and says every morning there are clothes all over the floor in piles as she decides what to wear. And then she comes home from school and they're all folded and put away: "It's like magic." (No, honey, it's like a maid.) There's also an indoor pool, an elevator, an observatory with an antique telescope and an ice cream parlor. Put it this way: Samantha's bat mitzvah theme was "Juicy Couture Meets Marie Antoinette."

Sadly, Samantha's parents—real estate developer Michael Pouls and homemaker wife Sheryl—had a scandal of sorts that was chronicled in Philadelphia magazine and the Inquirer and then everywhere, in which they were accused of vindictively getting a Baldwin teacher fired shortly after they gave the school a multimillion dollar donation. When Philadelphia magazine went to meet the Poulses "in the cool comfort of their ginormous gated Gladwyne mansion," they were told by the couple's PR man not to make the article about the house. But after dropping a tidbit—"their house is of the Opulent School, with dark wood and marble and large flower arrangements on a Tuesday"—the reporter made a larger point about the real estate:

In a way, the PR man is missing his own best angle. Maybe this story is about the Poulses’ house. And their tennis courts. And their pool, and the guard who roams the property at night. It’s about the $27 million mansion the Poulses bought last year in Longport, and the fact that to a lot of people in this community, the Poulses have a little too much money and got it a little too quickly for their own good.

Photos of the Gladwyne home once featured on MTV via Prudential

Wherever they got it and how, the estate, which was once the most expensive in Lower Merion, is back on the market. It was once listed at $17 million, then $10 million, and is now open for bidding at the rather bargain-basement price of $6.9 million.

Size: 6 beds, 8.5 baths, 15,317 square feet
Extras: 32' floor to ceiling windows, library, game room, billiard room, temperature controlled wine cabinets, 20 seat home theater, outdoor pool with balustrade bridge, pool house, outdoor kitchen.
Parking: Heated garage for 4 cars

· Listing: 1211 Mirabeau Lane, Gladwyne [Prudential]
· Features: Class Warfare [Philadelphia]
· Teen Cribs: Samantha [MTV]