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Good News: Lorenzo's Pizza Didn't Burn to the Ground

There were talks of pizza apocalypse when Lorenzo's & Sons pizzeria had a fire the other day and the memorials began to roll in. Some, like those on Twitter, were less reverential, like @TwiloGuy73's rather funny tweet: "Authorities say that the fire was so large, that they had to fold it in half." Either way, we worried we'd lost a Philadelphia landmark.

But from the looks of things yesterday afternoon, things aren't quite so dire. The worst exterior damage is the fact that Lorenzo's face is gone. It smells kind of smoky and charred outside, and the front is boarded up, but the spray-painted "We [heart] Philly" makes it worth it. As for the interior, that's a bit worse: The orange violation sign says, "Fire damaged interior, floors to roof, front to rear." But we don't know the extent of the injury. We're glad it's not as bad as we anticipated.