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Become the Talk of the Town as a Curbed Contributor!

Have you spent hours arguing with people over the Barnes Foundation? Are you deeply concerned about the future of North Broad? Have you ever had a nightmare about a casino built on Dilworth Plaza and woke up sweaty and afraid? You might be a perfect Curbed Philly contributor. We're looking for folks who enjoy the drama of NIMBYism; who aren't afraid to call people with nosy questions; who love the city precisely because it's weird; who have a sense of humor; and who are free during regular daytime hours.

You absolutely must be based in Philadelphia and know the city well. No exceptions.

Interested? No need to dust off the resume. Just send an email to with a paragraph about yourself, a paragraph about why you'd like the job, and anything else you think would grab our interest (past writing experience, perhaps?). If we're into it, we'll respond quickly with more details. (If you're employed in the real estate industry, alas, we can't use you. But we still love you!) Thank you!