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Conshy Controversy: If You Render It, Will They Come?

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A group called the Conshohocken Revitalization Alliance is so opposed to a Wawa at the old site of Moore Chevrolet at 1100 Fayette, they've taken it upon themselves to create their own renderings of what the site could look like if a housing developer were to buy the spot instead.

The proposed Wawa is actually one of those Super Wawas, where there's a huge gas station alongside the store, so aside from the usual NIMBY complaints about traffic, noise, pollution, etc., there are planning concerns pertaining to the borough’s Revitalization Plan. That plan was specifically created to avoid any appearance of suburban sprawl and maintain Conshy's historic character. The Curbed reader who let us know about this controversy wrote, "Whatever happened to the nice small Wawas I could respect?" Poor Super Wawas: no respect.