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Even Isaac Asimov Would Like ZBABot

It is possible that robots will one day take over the world—that's simply a fact. But unlike HAL, say, the ZBABot created by Philadelinquency does not have evil intentions—unless you're an IT guy at the Zoning Board who'd rather not have your data scraped:

"As of today the bot is now checking daily for any changes the clerical staff at L&I is making on the published ZBA calendar itineraries. Coming soon after that will be a public website where you, dear readers, can look at anything on the ZBA calendar to your heart’s content." Pretty handy, right? Perhaps not as entertaining to the general public as the Drexel robots that play music, but for real estate junkies, it's going to be fun.

· MWAHAHAHAHAHAAHA – ZBABot Watches You Sleep [Philadelinquency]