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Kennett Square Woman Lives in 140 Square Feet—Deliberately

Janice Kenney, who lives near Kennett Square in a tiny house she calls the Mobile Kermitage (she's a Muppets fan), was profiled today in an article examining the Tiny House movement. It took Kenney two years to make the transition from living in a normal-sized home with all the stuff people accumulate to living in a necessarily barren 140 square feet. Some of the things she had to part with: old appliances; "skinny clothes" that she'd optimistically saved; a bike rack that didn't fit on her car; and tools she never used. It wasn't that she was a hoarder—she was just a normal person getting rid of normal stuff, and it took her two years to do it.

As for those items that she'd held onto for sentimental value, she hasn't missed them:

“I found if I took pictures of all these items that were of sentimental items?it was a way to let it go,” she said. “In the year and a half do you think I’ve gone back and looked at a single one—absolutely not.” · A Bathroom in the Kitchen? The Small House Movement [Movoto]