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Cornerspotted: 15th and Spruce in Center City

This week's Cornerspotter got a few different guesses: Chelten and Wayne Ave.; 20th and Chestnut; and several correct guesses—including the one in the comments—15th and Spruce. Southwest Center City resident Jay Farrell was the first to get it this time. Though this photo was taken in 1950, he says, "Yep, I remember that it was still an ACME, a very dirty, overcrowded one, when I first came here in 1980." Indeed, it was appalling. He then remembered that it was a Thriftway, then a FoodRite. Whichever grocery store it was, dust seemed to settle on every surface, it was always freezing, and every shivering cashier seemed to wear a wrist brace.

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