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Game On: Philly Gets Another Casino

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Philly asks for many things of Harrisburg, and while the city may not always get what it wants, there are the occasional surprises. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board announced that the second casino license designated for the city—which was potentially going to be open to bids statewide—will stay in Philadelphia after all. Mayor Nutter lobbied hard for this one, as did other legislators, and it look likes it paid off. So now the question is: Who gets that license?

1. Bart Blatstein wants it to go with his planned casino-hotel-European village in the former Tower of Truth on North Broad.

2. Parking-lot magnate Robert Zuritsky wants it for a spot he owns on North Broad right across from the Tower of Truth.

3. Best-named license candidate Don Peebles, a national developer, wants it because that's what he does: he wants things and gets them.

4. Lewis Katz and crew, late of the Foxwoods bid, may want it so they can come back for a second bruising.

5. The Goldenberg Group's Ken Goldenberg has been said to want it, probably to go with his site at Eighth and Market, aka DisneyFail.

Whoever does whatever, this isn't the news SugarHouse wanted to hear, that's for sure.

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