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House Sells to Buyer Who Wants Drexel Nerd Boys As Tenants

This house at on 37th Street was, according to its listing, "made for anyone." But come now. It's at Drexel housing ground zero, and if we do a forensic analysis of the house's previous occupants, we see who it's really made for. Of note: the backyard with a desiccated Red Bull dispenser; the basement with hanging Yuengling T-shirt; the living room whose only decorative element are wires connecting to videogame consoles; a whiteboard with a drawing of Pikachu (most likely drawn by a female visitor); a bedroom with a dartboard and broken dresser; another bedroom with a guitar, energy drink and trash can rightnext to the bed; and the coup de grace, a bedroom with what seems to be a Dallas Cowboys (aherm) bedspread, model airplanes, portable camping chairs instead of real ones, wires springing from electronic devices, and about 30 sports pennants (of which approximately none are Philly-related).

Our conclusion: Students lived here. And, possibly, the smart nerdy Drexel kids who know about science and engineering and have model airplanes in their bedrooms because they're either not ashamed or there's simply no chance of a person with breasts ever crossing the threshold.

The five-bedroom three-story home sold for a stellar $658,990 last month. It's now being rented for $2,350 a month, which will probably just about cover the mortgage. The listing has been retooled to appeal to Drexel nerd boys: "The kitchen comes complete with a fridge, stove/oven and microwave." Yep. Pretty much all they need.
· 537 N. 37th St. [Zillow]